About us

We are

We are an international private nursery located in Krailling, south of Munich, and we are open to children of all nationalities and cultures. We run three mixed-age groups (1-3 years old) with a maximum of twelve children per group. Our programs are planned and led by 3 qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teachers per group, in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

The first three years of life are a pivotal time for development and growth, with so many milestones to celebrate. During these years we understand that leaving your child in someone else’s care can feel a bit daunting. For us, there is no greater responsibility or privilege than being part of this journey with you. Our Educators are qualified early learning professionals who are experienced in caring for small children. We promise they’ll be there every step of the way to provide the best start to your child’s educational journey

We aspire for all children who attend Busy Bees Nursery to become confident, secure, caring individuals who achieve personal success. We encourage children to develop a love of learning, and by building strong collaborative partnerships with families ensure that this learning is relevant to their lives in the wider community.

Our services are geared to support you and your child in arranging a healthy balance between
work and private life. We offer:

  • An all-day nursery program, taught in English  by qualified, english speaking teachers
  • Opening hours Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 16:00.
  • Aftercare from 16:00 to 17:00

Our Environment:

Busy Bees Nursery is well-situated in the suburb of Krailling, 3 kilometers drive from Gauting, and 18km from Munich. Within a 5 minute walk, we have access to the forest.

The Nursery building consists of a cloakroom passage,office, staff and parent toilet, 2 classrooms with inter leading sleeping areas on the ground level. On the top level we have 1 Teacher Staff Room, 1 bathroom and change room with shower, 1 classroom with inter leading sleeping area each classroom is licensed for 12 children, and a multipurpose room.

All internal doors are fire safety approved. The main door is alarmed and operated by intercom. The nursery also has a outdoor play area.

Our nursery rooms are carefully designed to offer our children a calm and relaxed environment with lots of different experiences to explore. With lots of age-appropriate toys, calming neutral colours and natural materials, we aim to make our nursery feel like a welcoming home away from home.

Our Goals:

We are committed to:

  • The safety, happiness and developmental skills of each child
  • Building strong relationships with our children and their families
  • Creating a work environment based on the principles of sound ethics, professionalism, diversity and growth

Our Philosophy

Creative Children

Creativity provides children with the opportunity to express their ideas and their feelings. It offers an outlet for children to cope with issues that concern them. It enables children to develop problem solving skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover who they are, to unleash hidden dreams and talents and to embrace their individuality. The true essence of creativity is much more than making something or writing something or painting something.

Creativity involves ideas, interpretations and decisions that are part of a process that is as important as the result.

Our Program

We realise the level of trust you place in us when enrolling your child. We are committed to providing the highest quality standard of care and education possible.

We are committed to providing a developmental and educational program which caters for each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests. We offer a wide range of activities including play dough, printing, puzzles, threading, table toys, cutting, tracing, colouring, collage, junk modelling, music and rhymes, stories, construction and much more. Tables and chairs are child sized.

Our program will continue to develop as we use the relationships children have with their families and communities, working in partnership with parents, to ensure each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our programs.

Our Families and Community

Fundamental to the Framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, community, culture and place. Their earliest development and learning takes place through these relationships, particularly within families, who are children’s first and most influential educators. As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.

Our Program

The toddler years will be some of the most challenging and most rewarding years of your parenting journey, as your little one becomes fiercely independent and enjoy testing their limits.

At Busy Bees, we provide a safe environment for toddlers to express themselves. Our skilled Educators focus on nurturing their individuality through routines and experiences based on children’s interests, mixed with a healthy dose of risk and challenge to keep your toddler on their toes!e four guiding principles of the Early Years Foundation stage are:

A Unique Child

every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.

Positive Relationships

Children learn to be strong and independent through a warm and loving positive secure relationships with parents and/or other key persons

Enabling Environments

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between the teachers / children and parents.

Learning and Development

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early year’s provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities. The classroom teachers teach the children by ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development. Busy Bees offers a varied and interesting program that is tailored to meet the needs of every individual child in our care.

Each child is allocated a key person on entry who will take a special interest in the progress of your child, looking after their personal intimate care, keeping their records of achievements and getting to know them well. All this helps them to settle into nursery life.

Your child’s key person will work with you or your child’s teacher to ensure that your child’s routines and personal needs are taken care of. You can feel confident that the key person will get to know your child well and genuinely enjoy being part of their lives.
All members of staff will be happy to speak to you about your child but a chat with his/hers key person would be especially beneficial.

Staff and parents working in partnership talking about your child’s interests, experiences and needs all help towards compiling your child’s records. Your child’s key person will celebrate their achievements and record information about their progress in their personal learning journal. This journal is completed using formal observations, post it notes and photographs that will provide you with a keep sake when your child moves onto school.

We aim to offer every child the opportunity to participate in a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities, carefully planned to enhance their learning through play. Our curriculum is designed to support children’s progress towards the early learning goals at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage and through our project approach.

The Busy Bees children will be given opportunities to experience a rich language environment enabling them to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves to listen and speak in a range of situations.

The Busy Bees children will have the opportunity to be active and interactive; be able to develop their co-ordination, control and movements. They will also learn and understand the importance of physical activities and how important healthy eating is when making choices in relation to food.

Our activities take into account seasonal celebrations, cultural events and spontaneous learning opportunities but, most importantly, the interests and experiences of the children themselves. Our plans are displayed in the classroom and can be seen at any time. We ensure that all toys and activities are readily available so each child has the opportunity to participate in the full range irrespective of which days they attend.

We’d love for you to join our family